Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wente Brute

Someone please photoshop my hair. This photo is from the Wente road race in Livermore, CA 4/22/06 taken by My most favorite part of the photo is not my hair flying out of my helmet but the happy little troll girl enjoying her first race as a Bella.

I love this picture of the Women's Pro, 1,2,3 field racing up the Wente feed hill taken by on 4/22/06. Monica from Velo Bella is right up there with the US National Road Champ. The field is stretched out, and there is a little Donald visible near the right of the field.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Zsa Zsa and me, Kern County Women's Stage Race, Bakersfield, 2000. Warming up before the third stage, Woody Road Race. Trainer time is not a fun time, but it is a lot easier than racing. Posted by Picasa

Debbie Allen, Linda, Elia Meza - Wente Crit 1999 - Mike Mahoney Posted by Picasa

Posted by PicasaThe namesake of Cat Won Sports:
Minnie Maria Mountain Biker

Posted by Picasa Narda and Pete, Sattley, CA, circa 1996

Posted by Picasa Erika Donald, Linda Locke -VSWRT, Mako, Fremont 1998

Posted by Picasa Linda - Wente Crit, Livermore, Mike Mahoney, circa 1990s

Posted by Picasa Nancy Wright, Erika Donald, Linda Locke, Russ Wright, Marin Century, 2005

Posted by Picasa Linda - Mako, Lighthouse Crit, Sacramento, 2000. Photo by Jay Mather Sacramento Bee. Jay liked this picture but ti didn't make it to the sports page. Nice little descent - no brakes required.