Thursday, April 24, 2008

track is whack

or bring on the beer and top ramen.

I like Tuesday at the track, but that was rained out so we went to yucky Wednesday track. The drive down was horrendous. We left too late and some bozo got in a crash and flipped over causing a huge traffic jam. On this fracked drive down, I was a big baby and marscat was so understanding as I sat in the passenger seat acting like my father re-incarnated. Not a pretty sight when he was alive and definitely not a nice place to revisit in this lifetime.

The only thing I like about Wednesday is there are no juniors sessions before the racing. This usually means you can get a long hour warm-up before your two 8 min races unless you leave late and run into traffic. For endurance training, Wednesday is whack because all the races are short 12 lappers or 10 lappers or 1 lap. I didn't even do the miss & out, since I am usually the first number called out.

The other thing about track that is whack is the racing starts at my bed-time. This means by the time we get home, I should already be deep into my REM sleep, but I'm not and it takes a long time to get sleepy. We have been talking with people and finally found out the trick to getting to sleep after track nights. Alcohol. Yes, a little dab of beer will do you. But, if you eat some food too, this will help bring on the sleepies. Last night I had a craving for some top ramen. Yep, top ramen mixed with green onions, an egg, and spicy kim chi. That did the trick, and for the most part, I fell asleep really fast and slept like a baby. The exception being the few times that I woke up to marscat {redacted}speaking softly to the cats. Turns out Minnie talks a lot at night and knocks things over. He taught Daisy how to wake up marscat so between the both of them, poor little marscat got 2 hours of sleep last night. I kept telling her to get up and go to the frack bed because I can't hear the cats, but I do hear her when she wakes me up {redacted}saying sweeting nothings to Minnie or locking them out of our room. I swear one of these days I am going to find Minnie, Daisy, and the iphone flushed down the toilet.

Marscat had another one of her strange dreams last night. Something about me getting upset with her because she bought me chocolate. There was something happening where I could get $100,000,000.000 from PG&E if SHE SPENT ALL MY MONEY. I was upset because she was buying me chocolate, with her money, and not using my money so we were going to miss out on getting the 100 million dollars. I think another reason that I was mad was because she was buying me lead tainted chocolate from the Russian deli and who wants that!

Monday, April 21, 2008

wind burn or sun burn

hard to tell which one. But this monday morning, my face hurts. Sea Otter was fun. Saturday was really fun, and Sunday was good after an aspirin or so.

Marscat made the podium on Saturday. And after everyone left the stage and after being egged on by VB, she made the top step of the podium. That's a pretty good finish considering she was being talked out of racing in one ear and talked into racing thru the other ear.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

so much for the Q.o.t.W.

Went to Sea Otter yesterday and rode a little bit. I was hungry before the ride but wanted to get it out of the way and would eat later. After the ride, there was nothing open, but there were lots of signs advertising future food. Big bummer. Saw a guy eating an ice cream and begged him for one. I had to settle for a B&J's. I'm not much of an ice cream eater, and I could have easily eaten a bag of ruffles or something salty. But beggars can't be choosers, and this ice cream did the job and curbed the hunger.

Saw this creature on my ride. I was a bit anxious taking this picture, but thankfully, it didn't chase me. First time seeing one of these in the person. Pretty cool. Hope Minnie & Daisy aren't jealous that I have another kitty on the blog.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

panda has a P.o.t.W.

I'm going to start a Q.o.t.W. or perhaps a Quote of the month. Weekly might be too much of a commitment.

Gesink (is he the next chicken reincarniated?)on losing the yellow jersey after being dropped on the downhill by Tin Tin.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

...ok, so it was 90,

and the furries are happy to be home now. So much for lounging around the Hot Ls of Madera.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

80 degrees...yay

we're here with the bellas, our kitties, and some ficklin port + chocolate ...all is good. I got to fool around on the tt bike. fun...NOT!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

ready or not

here I come...I'm very excited about a lovely warm Madera. Not only for the food and the port,
but the racing too.

Just need to get through this lazy dazy Thursday...

and must have a Minnie with a Daisy.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

sports, politics, economics, and Human Rights

i hope

to not stink up Madera this weekend. My last few races(3 to be exact) have sucked, and I stank the places up worse than Daisy's butt. But, my super duper cool teammates still shared their winning$ with me. I truly have appreciated it, but I have felt very guilty and so undeserving. So, I hope to pull my weight this weekend. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 04, 2008

kitty prozac makes

Minnie do funny things

That time of the year again...prep for Kern begins with Madera.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

too sleepy to pee

Minnie is on kitty prozac. It seems to be working. No piddles in the bathroom late at night.

our frack bed and new futon sofabed couch are put together....yay

somebody was happy after Orosi...