Monday, December 31, 2007

clearly breaking rule 2 of blogging etiquette 101

absolution by posting this cute little 6 lb doggie (half the weight of Daisy)...his name is marceau and he is being fostered but will need a
home in a few weeks...
saw a few of these down in monterey last week...and imagine the surprise of spotting some up here in Orinda...this one was near the freeway by a drainage pipe so maybe he was looking for a ride back down south?

Happy New Year...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

money to burn

Seems someone is hiring some classy bike riders. A publicity stunt? I can think of a few other riders that are pretty classy, looking for a team, and would fit in just right.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

last days of autumn...

I should write something, but I feel I'll just post these pictures since I have a "new scribblins", and I didn't really have anything new. I wonder how come it pinged? I did edit a post...maybe that's why.

marscat's happy valley persimmon tree...I stole her pic, but she stole the fruit...

marscat thought this looked like a painting...Mines Road's animals

The other side of Mines Road from the SJ not all taken in one day. In fact, this day was so cold that on the way down from the Mt. Lick Observatory, I had to stop and take off my shoes and socks. I had worn short finger gloves, and my hands were so cold they were hurting and burning from the chill. I put my socks over my hands. Sorry no pic of that...

marscat has a lot of nicknames and one is "pixie"...this is her place

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

debt paid

and one of these days, we will actually start our Kern taper...155 days until the day of truth...or not.

and now marscat wants to watch "The English Patient"...again
that wasn't part of the bet...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

like one of our recent conversations...really

I think that Nora must have been eavesdropping except I managed to finish the book before seeing the movie. Anyway, I did lose a dinner bet on this one. I bet the actor was Benicio, and Marscat bet on Javier.

Shouts & Murmurs

No, But We Saw the Movie
by Nora Ephron
November 26, 2007

When they got home that night, she went to get the book. She’d ordered it earlier in the week and meant to read it before they went to the movie, but it was a hard week and things got away from her. This was happening more and more.

Maybe if we look in the book we’ll be able to figure it out, she said.

Maybe we’ll find out what happened at the motel, he said. Why did it skip forward like that?

He said it’s the same in the book.

Who said?

I told you who. The guy I was standing with while I was waiting for you to come out of the men’s room. He read the book and he said it’s the same deal exactly. The sheriff pulls up and everybody’s dead. You never see the scene where they all get shot. Maybe it’s because Javier didnt kill them.

Who’s Javier?

Javier Bardem. The serial killer.

I thought it was Benicio Del Toro.

Well it wasnt. The guy outside the men’s room said there’s a scene in the book that’s not in the movie. He said Javier goes to see a total stranger in some office, who’s never been mentioned earlier. He gives him the satchel of money and he says, Here’s your money back, now maybe you’ll hire me to do things like this in the future.

Why did they leave that out?

How do I know? Write a letter to the Coen brothers.

She opened the book and started reading from the end.

He does this weird thing with contractions, she said. He uses apostrophes for words like that’s and it’s but he doesnt use them for dont and wasnt and wont. He doesnt use quotation marks, either.


Cormac McCarthy.

How am I supposed to know what you’re talking about with all these pronouns? he said.

He went to get ready for bed.

I cant believe you didnt know Josh Brolin died, she said.

Well I didnt.

He was lying there in the parking lot.

I didnt see him lying in the parking lot.

Well I didnt see him either, but then his wife turned up and Tommy Lee Jones looked sad, so you knew he was dead.

I thought he looked sad because the mother was dead.

The mother? The mother doesnt die till later.

I thought it was the mother in the swimming pool.

How could you think it was the mother? It was the girl with the beer in the swimming pool. She was wearing a bikini. The mother was about a hundred years old. What would the mother be doing wearing a bikini? The mother dies of cancer. Jesus.

What happened to the satchel of money?

He gives it to a total stranger. I told you.

But in the movie what happens to the money?

She wondered if they’d ever know. Maybe the answers were buried in the caliche, along with some character who had figured in a story toward the end of the movie. She hadnt been able to follow the story about the character who was buried in the caliche because she was busy trying to puzzle out what happened to the satchel of money, but the word caliche stuck in her head. It was pronounced ka-lee-chee. Since they lived in New York City and were not about to go dig a hole in Central Park, it didnt seem like a particularly useful word, but you never know.

He got into bed.

I cant believe you didnt know Josh Brolin died, she said. Who did you think was lying on that slab in the morgue?

The mother, he said.

The mother? she said. The mother?

He was asleep. ♦