Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy HalloMinnie

Happy Halloween from the catladies in Berkeley.

And, a special photo for Marscat's mummy. She may need this information someday.

And we haven't forgotten Daisy's video ala Blair Witch's shaky handheld.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Scary Fun

More Halloween Surf City pics at:

Monday, October 23, 2006

preparing for Halloween

This is one of those shirts that just might show up in the weirdest places worn by the weirdest things.
Minnie doesn't trick or treat, but he finds the pumpkin very intriguing.
Daisy copies Minnie so she finds the pumpkin pretty interesting also.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Surfing Soquel

Just some images from a beautiful day in Soquel because I'm too tired to write anything. And, I didn't even race.

Marscat running up

Olaf looking swift footed

Some of the women

She makes it looks so easy

The guys finishing off the day

Brent on a single

and the final obligatory animal shot...Goldi aka Goldman.

Friday, October 13, 2006

a day at the office

Perks from my job…
A few weeks ago, Hernando posted some photos of his workday in SF. I went through my work photos and found some that were suitable for blogger. These are a few of the lovely creatures that make my day interesting.

This is Dobbie whose real name is not Dobbie but Stanley. Dobbie is not a work cat**. He is our neighbor.

Another neighbor.
A work cat.
This is a work cat or it could be a good image of what marscat looked like after she had been racing with her back wheel rubbing.
This is the sister/brother of the little cat above.

Work cat on a hot non-tin roof.

zoom...up close and personal.
A work cat who was scared of me. He pawsed (paused) just a second so I could snap his photo for blogger.
Scared cat’s neighbor who was not scared of me. Lots of my work cats have dirty little noses and faces.
A lounging work dog in need of a hairband or a scunci.
Yes, I did see these work zebras, but I forgot where. They were probably in Pinole.

This work llama is in Pinole too, but we have yet to see them during the Pinole Team Time trial or the Berkeley Hills road race.

This was a really cool sight. The big geese were protecting the little work gosling from me. I was trying to take a picture, and they kept getting between me and the baby.
Here is a video with some other creatures who happened to be working the same day that I was. Lucky things, they get to eat on the job.

And no pictorial essay would be complete without photos of our cats.
I made a t-shirt of marscat for zsazsa. This is marscat in her marscat t-shirt.
A thought I had that other day was about people wearing shirts with photos of their animals or other animal things on them. What would it be like if an animal had a little outfit with their guardian(as we are called in Berkeley) plastered on it? Pumpkin is marscat’s mom’s dog. She doesn’t have much fur and gets chilled in the fall and winter. When it is cold outside, Pumpkin usually wears a jumper-the English version of a sweater. So, thinking about all these things, I materialized my weird thought and ordered a t-shirt from shutterfly for marscat’s mum’s pup Pumpkin. Here is the t-shirt modeled by marscat’s hot water bottle-another British thing. We will give Pumpkin her t-shirt one of the days. Hope the mum is okay with it.

**work animals = animals spotted during the work day

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

after the is in the air

I was going to save this for Valentine's day, but after all the cross is like an abusive relationship talk, I thought it best to post now. And 1.6 billion is not bad for a day at the office.

and we wondered whether 14 year old kitty would get along with a new kitty...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I found Mike Creed's website. Mike changed its name to this. He has a funny post where he talks about people re-posting their old posts so he just reposts a post from the day before. I could see why. Posting is work.

This is my birthday month, and these are pictures from my birthday last year. After the first 19 birthdays, I stopped getting excited about my birthday. But, I like the month so I will celebrate all month long.

This is marscat's mom. She is English and has very cool English accent. Her children seem to think that she "sounds more English" when she is around strangers. Something about putting on the accent. The children also think that their mother does not have an accent. Anyway, she does, and you might hear it if you talk to her. She will be coming to watch marscat race on Sunday.

If marcat's mummy has fun this Sunday, maybe she will come to
Surf City the following weekend too.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

this one's for you...

EmmaO, WildDingo, and Berta...

Some folks say: "Cat vids are all we do" and some folks "now understand us better". Ok, go for it with this new insert sans titles. As marscat said: "please explain us to us and us to our cats".

EmmaO we have a treat for you. Greenie weenies - vegan too - not really 27%=protein.
Notice all the green...we want that green flask from interbike.

Baby's got a new pair of shoes. Marcat will be wearing TIME on Sunday. Thanks to Pete.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


We have a friend, Pete, who we go to for all the answers. If there is a problem with our bikes or our landlord or our cats or any kind of a thing, Pete's the answerman, the "go to guy". I think Pete knows a lot, but I also think we ask him some pretty simple questions too.

Yesterday, ZsaZsa had a race that she almost didn't start. For the last week, she had been having problems with her shoes and the cleats. I hate these cleats, shoes, and pedals. My problem with them was so frustrating that I passed them to her. Hey want some free pedals and shoes? ZsaZsa likes free things so this was an easy way to get rid of those frustrating things.

ZsaZsa was having a really hard time with the shoes yesterday. A few minutes before the race was to begin, she asked the guy for her money back, but instead he tried to help fix her cleats. During the race, the cleats didn't work that great, and the problem was really bad when she had to do run ups or get back on the bike. We jokingly decided that we'd just give the shoes and pedals away to some we didn't like.

After the race, on our long drive home, I called Pete. We would make plans for our Sunday ride and maybe he could come by and take a look at the cleats.

Before the ride today, I decided to raise the saddle on my bike just a tad. Not being a popeye when it comes to strength, I didn't want the seat post bolt to be too loose and have the saddle plunk down during the ride. Well, ping, I broke the bolt.

Luckily, this was the morning Pete was coming by to take a look at the cleat problem. Now, I had another task for him. I hope he didn't mind.

Pete came by, and guess what, he figured out the cleat problem, and he is going to drill out my stuck broken bolt.

Yesterday, ZsaZsa won some grease stuff. That will come in handy with my new bolt and seat post collar. Funny how things work out. And see, Pete is the answerman, but maybe we should try some harder problems next time.