Friday, November 16, 2007

totally stolen

for marscat...and just heard from marscat that this was already posted by courtney...I am so slow...I am leaving it here, for now..

Thursday, November 08, 2007

body mass index and new "quad belly" calcs

We have been fretting a lot more lately. Our worries have been about Daisy: her weight and BMI. I did some rough calculations using the human BMI calculators.

For an adult, she tops out at 62 which is off the charts and very obese. The CDC message was "Your BMI is 62.4, indicating your weight is in the obese category for adults of your height."

On the children's BMI, she doesn't even make the chart. Plus, I got a little red "!" telling me my child could be overweight if the calculation was correct.

I did some more searches and found a feline BMI calculator.

On August 11th, Daisy was part of Flandria 8/9/07 and Beth's quad contest and she topped in at 52 cm. However today, I squeezed the tape a bit tighter since lower would be better. I found her patella(which was kind of hard to find) and measured her lower limb for the "LIM" number. Daisy is 45=rib cage, 13=LIM for 42.4 total. At least, she makes this chart. (Minnie was 38=rib cage and 15=LIM for a total of 27.4)

We need to try and do something to get her to lose some weight. The feeding thing is hard since she doesn't seem to eat that much. I think mostly it's her lack of exercise.

Daisy seems to sleep a lot.

We would like to find some type of kitty exercise equipment. A treadmill probably wouldn't work because she would just lie down and not move. Then, she would get caught in the conveyor belt and get hurt.
Anyone have some creative ideas?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

looking for Princess Leia

When the clocks go back to standard time, I will often take 1/2 day on Wednesdays and go for a bike ride. Today, I looked for Princess Leia since I think she has Wednesday's off also. But, there weren't a lot of people out riding and definitely none in costume.

After my ride today, I felt a little like this.

And wouldn't mind one of these.

Daisy in her blue thing. A post with a Minnie picture should have a Daisy picture too.